Year 1: Marvellous Mondrian

Welcome to Year 1


Our teachers are Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park 27th June 2017
(Look at pupil work pages below for more pictures of our visit)
Well done to Henley who won the league with his football team and to Jaden who achieved Stage 1 at swimming! 
Our first week back after Easter began with more clues being hidden in our reading area. On Monday there was a pair of socks and some pants! On Tuesday we found some pyjamas, a toothbrush, a pirate hat and a cutlass! After careful discussion we all decided that a pirate must be sneaking into our class.    
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Take a look at our latest class newsletter for more information about our class.
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Regular attendance at school is extremely important, how are the Class 1 doing?