SEND - Staff expertise in supporting & working with children

Many of our staff have worked with a wide range of SEND children over the course of their careers, and have a great deal of expertise.

Within school, we have staff who have attended the EKLAN training to deliver speech and language therapy programmes.

We have an on-going programme of professional development in order to meet the needs of individual staff working with individual children. For example, we access training in Makaton communication, in approaches that work well with children on the autistic spectrum or who have Attachment disorder. We also access support for staff who work with children who have physical needs in order that we can provide for those individual needs.

We work closely with the educational psychologist and learning support services to ensure that the correct training is received to address any SEND issues within the setting.

In addition the SENCO and Inclusion Manager attend SEND training courses and briefings and disseminate relevant information to staff on a regular basis.