SEND - Support from outside agencies and professionals

 Below is a list of agencies/professionals currently available to give advice / additional support:

  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Communication and Interaction team
  • Learning and Cognition team
  • School Nursing Service
  • Community Paediatrician
  • Speech and Language Therapy Service
  • Drama Therapist
  • Behaviour Support Service
  • Youth Inclusion Support Panel
  • Occupational Therapy Service
  • Physiotherapy Services

The School also works closely with parents and agencies to support children through the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) process - (please note the CAF will be renamed as the Early Help Assessment in the near future).  We use this process to identify additional services that may be required and to access that support. We meet on a regular basis to discuss the level and the benefit of the additional support given. Where a child has additional needs that require a higher level of support, it may be appropriate for him/her to access a dual placement.