Ladywood Staff

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Miss C Grainger    
Assistant Head
Miss K Horner, Mrs S McQuillan    
Miss R Wilding (Foundation/Nursery)
Mrs S McQuillan (Foundation Stage Leader/Reception)
Mrs K Ledger (Year 1) 
Mrs C Hawkridge (Year 1) 
Miss L Jackson (Year 2)
Mrs J Laverack (Year 3)
Miss K Horner (Year 4)
Mr D Bowering (Year 5) 
Mr B Smith (Year 6)
Mrs S Brittain (Modern Foreign Languages KS1 & KS2)
Support Staff
Mrs L Roystone (Inclusion Manager)
Mrs S Exley (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs A Greene (Nursery Nurse/Speech & Language Specialist)
Mrs S Everson (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs V Heeley (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Miss H Mallinson (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs R Guy (Key Attachment Teaching Assistant)
Mrs L Oxley (Key Attachment Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Mills-Nippers (Key Attachment Teaching Assistant)
Miss A Lindley (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs L Hinchliffe (Key Attachment Teaching Assistant)
Mrs A Dean (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Dvelys (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Miss C Goulding (Key Attachment Teaching Assistant)
Miss K Stubbs (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Spialek (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs L Hanson (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Admin Staff
Mrs C Hodgson (Business Manager)
Mrs D Kay (Admin/Finance &School Attendance Officer)
Premises Staff
Mr J Beckingham (Caretaker)
Mrs K Peace (Cleaner)
Mrs B Ritson (Cleaner)
Mrs D Johnston (Cleaner)
Mrs K Haigh (Cleaner)
Mrs F Spencer-Lomax (Cleaner)
School Meals 
Supervisory  Assistants
Mrs C Clarke
Mrs J Field
Mrs Y Mallinson
Mrs N Whittaker
Mrs S Mills
Mrs F Spencer-Lomax
Mrs J Bunney
Mrs L Baines
Mrs B Ritson