Match Reports

Football Finals 7th & 9th November 2017

This week Ladywood qualified for both the boys and girls Y5/6 football finals after the qualifiers a few weeks ago.

First, on Tuesday, it was our young ladies turn.  The girls set off in high spirits despite the horrendous weather conditions to Kirk Balk.  Once there, the weather calmed a little but it was still absolutely freezing and not the best conditions for football. Despite this our girls went out and performed as well as they could and tried really hard to stay in the games. Unfortunately they suffered some tight losses but can hold their heads up high as they qualified for the finals and were a credit to the school with their effort and behaviour at the event.

Next, it was the boys on Thursday and with illness spreading through the squad the boys were grateful for the support of the year 6’s who came. The boys were excited to travel to Kirk Balk and this was shown in the first game as they all wanted the ball to themselves and charged around the pitch leaving spaces to be exploited which Burton Road C duly took advantage of and scored a late winner to take the match 1-0. Noah and Harrison stood out in defence in this game.

Game 2 was completely different against an Ellis team that beat us in the qualifiers. The boys talked about what they could do better and they all said we need to calm down and pass the ball more. What looked like a solid and much better performance changed when Arron timed a tackle to perfection and the ball fell to Harrison who passed to Josh. He then sent a beautiful through ball to  Loui who smashed a rocket that crunched into the post and fell to Jude who had replaced the tenacious Morgan with a couple of minutes remaining. With a slender lead, the boys held firm for the last minute with once again Harrison, Arron and Charlie making amazing tackles.  A fine save from goalkeeper George won the game in the last minute.

Game 3 saw us pushing for a win knowing a win would place us at the top of the group.  We pushed for a goal however it was the much more experienced Springvale team who took the lead. We pushed forward looking for the equaliser and the front 4 of Josh, Jude, Charlie and Loui looked a threat but the ball just wouldn’t fall for a clear chance and then in the last minute the opposition fired another goal to make it 2-0 and take the group winners shield.

All in all a great afternoon with some marvellous football played and the boys can hold their heads up for how well they represented our school.

Girls Squad: Jessica, Grace, Ruby, Olivia, Casey L, Harlie, Graci and Ebony

Boys Squad: George, Noah, Harrison (C), Arron, Charlie, Jude, Josh, Morgan and Loui.