SEND - Interventions

 At Ladywood we use a variety of interventions to support pupils with Special Educational Needs such as:

  • Elklan – speech and language development
  • 1:1 Speech and Language programs

More detailed information about Speech & Language Support at Ladywood can be found by looking at our Prospectus pages (click here).

  •  ReadWriteInc – whilst this is a whole class program we do also give individuals and small groups additional interventions based on the programme.
  • Toe by Toe – phonic precision teaching program from Y2 to Y6
  • Numicon – basic number support for KS1
  • Springboard Maths at KS2
  • Jump Ahead for physical difficulties
  • SEAL – emotional and social development
  • Dinosaur School – emotional and social development
  • Nurture groups/Friendship groups to support with behaviour
  • 1:1 sessions with a therapist
  • 1:1 support for pupils with a high level of need
  • Each class has both a TA and a HLTA in class every day.