SEND - Identification of Special Education Needs

Parents know their children best, so if you have any concerns about your child’s development, please contact Miss Seddon, the Inclusion Leader, as parents are often the first to notice when something is not right, and the sooner support can be given, the better!

In school, a child may be flagged up as potentially having special educational needs by a member of staff if they are concerned about the progress a child is making. When this happens, we will contact parents to arrange for a Special Educational Needs Assessment to take place. This involves gathering information from parents, the class teacher and from the child to find out as much as possible about what he/she is finding difficult. All of this information is then processed to give a view as to the particular needs he/she has. Advice will be given to the parents and to the child’s teacher as to how to support him/her. In some cases, other professionals will also be consulted for specialist advice.

Where it is agreed that a child has Special Educational Needs or a disability, this will be recorded on the school’s systems, and will identify the child’s specific needs.