Clare Grainger, Headteacher

I am very proud to be both the Headteacher and a Governor at Ladywood Primary School.  I have worked in Grimethorpe since 1998 and I have been Headteacher at Ladywood since 2003; I, therefore, feel part of the unique community that I serve. 

Ladywood is an excellent school where children are nurtured and thrive through the work of an amazing group of teachers, key attachment teaching assistants, higher level teaching assistants and a mixture of specialist support staff.  The staff at Ladywood all work together as a united team to provide the best possible outcomes for our very special children.  Our ultimate aim is for our children to be successful. 

My role is to steer and lead that fantastic team of staff with the support of the dedicated Governing Body.  In order to do that we are constantly evolving and developing while maintaining our ethos which centres on the power of relationships to teach positivity, resilience, care and success.  

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01/09/2003 - -
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