Our attendance for 2015/16 was 95.2%, this was above our target, set by the Local Authority, of 95%.  

We continue to strive to improve our percentage, for the current school year 2016/17 our target has increased to 96% and when this document was compiled the school’s current percentage was 95.7%, just fractionally below our target for the end of the year.

If pupils are ill, parents are expected to phone the school before 10.00am. If this does not happen the School Attendance Officer will phone or send a text message home to ascertain the reason for absence. If this is unsuccessful, a form is sent home. If the form is not completed and returned to school, the absence is recorded as unauthorised.

Where a pupils attendance percentage becomes a concern, we work very closely with the Education Welfare team. A member of which works within school one afternoon each week.

Leave during term time
Leave for exceptional circumstances during term time is strongly discouraged, where this cannot be avoided you must complete a leave request form (available from the school office).

When considering requests for leave during term time, the headteacher will take into account Local Authority guidelines and issues such as your child’s current attendance, your work situation and will request supporting information such as a letter from your employer to assist us in making a decision. You will be notified in writing of the schools decision.

A calendar for the school year 2017/18 is enclosed for your information (see Appendix 6).

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