After School Clubs

After School Clubs change each half term. Letters regarding each club are sent home and as there is limited space, 
places are allocated on a first come first served basis when permission slips are received back in school. 
Unless otherwise stated clubs are free of charge.

● Monday          Running Club Years 1 to 2 (3.00-3.45pm)

Tuesday          Lego Club Years 1 to 2 (3.00- 3.45pm)    

Tuesday          KS1 Multi Sports Years 1 to 2 (3.00- 4.00pm)       

● Wednesday   KS2 Art Years 3-6 (3.00- 3.45pm)

● Wednesday   KS2 Athletics Years 3 to 6 (3.00- 4.00pm)     

● Thursday       Running Club Years 3 to 6 (3.00- 3.45pm)   ​​