Speech & Language Support

Overview of Speech and Language at Ladywood

Many pupils enter Ladywood with delayed Speech and Language skills and as a direct result the school has to provide extensive support, particularly in the Early Years, to ensure that our children make accelerated progress in order to meet National Curriculum age related milestones.

Provision at Ladywood

  • Since April 2015 we have employed an NNEB Speech and Language (S&L) Support specialist (Mrs Greene), who has built up skills and training in S&L through extensive experience in the role of NNEB.
  • Mrs Greene, our NNEB S&L specialist, liaises with S&L therapists and a communication and interaction specialist who is employed within our Collaboration of schools.
  • Mrs Greene works with children on a small group or individual basis to deliver S&L programmes, PECS, Narrative Therapy, Wellcome exercises and activities to match individual needs on a daily basis.
  • Mrs Greene meets with parents and carers to share details of her work and to offer activities that families can carry out with their children to support their learning.
  • Basic Makaton training has been delivered to all staff and pupils by Mrs Lynn Dixon who is a Communication and Interaction Specialist .
  • Our NNEB S&L specialist has received further training in Makaton.
  • The NNEB working full time in F2 (Mrs Exley), is due to undertake Makaton training during the Autumn Term.
  • Two members of staff are Elklan trained (Mrs Greene & Mrs Exley) and, two more members of the EYFS team (Mrs McQuillan and Mrs Spialek), are attending the training in the Autumn Term 2016.
  • Mrs Greene and Mrs McQuillan, the EYFS leader, are also attending a Chatta course to support S&L development in the Early Years in October 2016.
  • The weekly Ladywood Newsletter provides parents and carers with the opportunity to talk about their children’s learning each week: it also gives information relating to the learning due to take place in the following week.
  • Parent Topic Leaflets are distributed termly to provide families with information and talking points for their children’s current curriculum topics.
  • Children in younger classes receive weekly ‘Talk about’ homework.
  • We employ the use of ‘Talking Partners’ within school to promote discussion between peers during most lessons.
  • An INSET day has been planned for S&L in February 2017 to develop consistency across school provision.  At this INSET the local NHS Speech and Language Service will deliver a bespoke package to cover: developmental milestones and flags for concern, attention and listening, play, understanding spoken (reflective) language, expressive language, speech sounds and fluency (stammering).
  • Subsequent INSETS in 2017/18 will include Speech Sounds 2 day training for support staff to equip them to screen pupils speech sounds and Building Vocabulary (1/2 day) for class teachers.


At Ladywood we recognise that delayed speech and language skills can hinder the academic outcomes for some of our pupils.  In order to support these pupils to achieve age related outcomes we have employed many strategies, trained staff and dedicated a specialist to support specific children.  We are continuing to evaluate and develop the effectiveness of our provision and to upskill staff to ensure that our practice is inclusive and that no child underachieves due to low attainment in S&L.

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